Who rocks your world?

The latest tonteetoo t-shirt says it like it is. Let your one true love, or perhaps anyone willing, know just what's on your mind.

What's new?

The Chillpills prayer

Here's a modern take on The Serenity Prayer, complete with profane acronym. If you don't know what HMFWIC means, don't go searching online. You'll be washing your Google out with soap for days!

Naughty & Nice

Perhaps if Emperor Palpatine had just been a little naughty rather than downright evil, the Galactic Empire may have been a more pleasant place to visit on vacation!

Meet the evil creative genius behind tonteetoo (honest!)

Say hello to Bobbins, the briliant mind behind everything at tonteetoo.

When she's not busy on one of her top secret science products, such as creating synthetic cabbage gas from dog food and frankfurters, she can be found hard at work coming up with the latest and greatest tonteetoo designs.

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